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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the February edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness email newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis

Roy Eugene Davis in 1971 at the
 Los Gatos Lodge in San Jose, California
Shrine of All Faiths Meditation Temple 
at CSA International Headquarters.

A superconscious (over, above, transcendent) state is other than, independent, and superior to ordinary waking states, subconscious, and unconscious states. Aspire to experience superconsciousness, to go beyond mental and emotional states to clear, tranquil awareness. Rest there for a while, then aspire to experience more refined states.

1. Superconscious awareness mixed with thoughts and emotions. At this stage of practice, the meditator is poised, emotions are calm, and thoughts are not forceful. The Self-aware meditator, observing mild mood changes and subtle thought processes, may question whether or not a superconscious state is being experienced. Repeated episodes of this kind cause constructive psychological changes, clarify awareness, inspire the meditator to persist, confirm the usefulness of the experience, and banish doubts.

2. Free-flowing superconscious awareness. Attention flows to the meditative object or ideal without interruption. Secular concerns, physical sensations, emotional states, memories, and thoughts are disregarded.

3. Absorbed superconscious awareness. Contemplation culminates in identification of awareness with the meditative object or ideal: inner sound (Om), light, joy, or space (formlessness). Awareness is so absorbed that, after meditation, one remembers, “I was sound, light, joy, space (or whatever was vividly perceived).” This stage, while extremely beneficial because it sustains superconsciousness which constructively impacts and purifies the mind, should eventually be transcended because it is not yet the ultimate stage to be realized. It is “superconsciousness supported by that which is perceived.”

4. Refined superconscious awareness. As awareness is clarified, the mind is increasingly illumined and psychological transformation occurs. Cosmic consciousness (intuitive apprehension of the seamless wholeness of life) unfolds. The reality of Consciousness beyond the boundaries of space and time, and the intelligence-directed power of Consciousness from which the universe is produced and by which it is sustained, is intuitively apprehended.

5. Transcendent superconscious awareness devoid of attributes or characteristics. Pure realization of absolute Existence-Being which is not supported by an object of perception. When this realization is permanent, awareness is liberated from all conditions which formerly modified and confined it.

– Roy Eugene Davis, 
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson One
Roy Eugene Davis Memorial Celebration
March 29, 2020
To celebrate the passing of Roy Eugene Davis on March 27, 2019 a special service and ceremony will be conducted at CSA Headquarters. A new altar has been designed and is being built by a local craftsman. It will be made of fine cherry wood, the same that Mr. Davis choose for the altars in the Meditation Hall. The new altar will contain, and display, Mr. Davis' ashes. It will be installed and consecrated in the Shrine of all Faiths Meditation Temple. The permanent placement of his ashes in the temple that he personally designed, with its stained glass windows representing the world's major religions, will make this a sacred pilgrimage spot for generations to come.
Spiritual Practice
Transforms and Empowers
The regular, effective, practice of meditation and pranayama (life force direction through breath) results in increased awareness and energy, and the removal of obstacles, restraints, and inhibitions. We experience greater freedom and enhanced creativity, the ability to fulfill desires, self-confidence, and will power.

To insure that this increased access to inner power results in positive, life enhancing, transformation, we also need to incorporate balanced discipline in our daily life. It will be useful, if we are to experience Self-realization and liberation of consciousness, to follow these guidelines:
  • Go slow and steady - commit to long term practice - just as in learning a musical instrument, it takes time and regular practice to become a proficient.
  • Begin by meditating for relaxation and increased inner awareness. As you learn to remain settled, aspire to go deeper, to experience your essential nature as pure consciousness.
  • Observe what comes up in meditation and throughout the day. Begin to practice using discipline to redirect attention and energy in a desirable way. Do what is useful; avoid that which is not useful.
  • Use the “restraints” from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as guidelines for self-discipline. (Harmlessness, truthfulness, non stealing, non attachment, and conservation of energy).*
  • As discipline builds self-confidence and empowers, increase the intensity of your practice.
  • Self-study is critical in order to be proactive in adjusting behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Observe your behaviors, thoughts and emotions at all times.
  • Discipline and Self-study go hand in hand - assisting one another. Self observation helps direct our discipline.
  • Develop an ongoing awareness of your interconnectedness with all of life (God, the expressive aspect of ultimate Reality). This will help turn attention away from the limitations of a sense of separation, and the compulsive chasing of desires. 
*Read The Science of Self-Realization by Roy Eugene Davis for in depth study.
– Ron Lindahn
As a daily practice for de-stressing and spiritual anchoring this can be the single most important thing you can do for yourself. There are currently hundreds of studies detailing the vast benefits of regular meditation practice—immune boosting, better sleep, eliminating addictions, reduced depression and anxiety, more compassion, slowing down the aging process, effects on overall well-being to name just a few. People close to you benefit from your increasing centeredness and life naturally flows more smoothly and effortlessly as superconscious levels are experienced. 

Start slow. If you are new to meditation, five to ten minutes to begin with is fine. Surrendered prayer or reading devotional or inspirational literature can be useful too during this time, especially when the mind is resistant to quieting. Make the time to sit no matter what. 

Don’t get frustrated—eventually meditation becomes something you are drawn to, not as an escape, but as a profound opportunity to experience your essence of being—superconsciousness. Using a guided meditation audio in the beginning is all right, but eventually your goal is to be self-directed. Meditation music as well as any external distractions should be avoided when you internalize attention. There are apps now to help beginning meditators. As preliminary supportive tools these are fine if they help prepare, quiet, and calm the mind. However, inner silence is where our attention is ultimately directed, and real benefit results.

–Marty Wuttke, founder/Director of the Wuttke Institute, CSA Minister
from his book "The Brain Sutras"
Sunday, February 2
Ultimate Reality 
and the Nature of God
Kriya Yoga Class
Live Webinar

On the first Sunday of each month CSA is offering a live broadcast at 2 p.m. EST. 
These classes are based on Mr. Davis' book Seven Lessons in Conscious Living. At the end of the program Mr. Lindahn will answer questions from those viewing. After the event the program will be available to view on the CSA YouTube channel.

Available to everyone free of charge. 

Click the link to view the program live. 
West Palm Beach Florida CSA Meditation Seminar
and Kriya Yoga Initiation
Sunday, January 12.
CSA Senior Minister Ron Lindahn and CSA President Clifford Rosen offered a program on meditation, the practice and philosophy of Kriya Yoga, and initiation at the CSA seminar in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Sabiha Betul, CSA Minister, Ankara, Turkey
Sabiha conducts monthly Kriya Yoga Seminars in Ankara, Turkey. The photo above shows the December meeting with 59 in attendance. She shares  a lesson, meditation, and books by Roy Eugene Davis.
2020 Silent Retreats
In 2020 The retreats at CSA headquarters will be silent in the guest houses and dining room. This will support an experience of deeper inner peace and spiritual awakening for all who attend.
Your generous donations make possible our continuing ministry outreach, retreats, seminars, and maintenance of the grounds and accommodations at the CSA International Headquarters in Lakemont, Georgia.
CSA staff and personally trained ministers continue with Roy Eugene Davis' mission to bring a clear, direct, message of how to live easily and effectively in order to fully awaken to Self- and God-Realization while enjoying a prosperous, fulfilling, meaningful life.
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