Subject: A Better Way To Document Data Models

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First a little history for the reason I wrote this blog post.

Back in the 00’s, when I was implementing the Sybase version of the BI4ALL models, they were much harder to understand.

We used to plaster the walls with data model diagrams printed from PowerDesigner! Every available piece of wall space had a picture of a piece of the data model on it! 

In 2002 I invented a technique which meant that those of us who were very experienced no longer needed pictures to understand the models.

But those who were not very experienced still wanted pictures.

The late Sean Kelly (may he rest in peace) constantly asked me to try new ways of printing his version of the models.

I tried numerous “data modeling” tools but the time and effort to maintain the models was very high.

So we continued to use Excel to develop models and tell our customers “you don’t really need diagrams of these models to understand them.”

Well what do you know?

All these years later I have stumbled across a great new way to document data models that is much faster and much easier than any of the data modeling tools I have ever seen.

So if you want to create better documentation of data models, especially Data Warehouse Data Models?

You are invited to download and read this blog post!

There are many pictures of some of the pieces of the BI4ALL model included in the blog post for your reading pleasure!

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