Subject: TRIOPTICS - Optimizing the optical performance of camera modules

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May 15, 2020
Today in focus
ProCam®: optimizing the optical performance of camera modules
Even with a perfect lens system, the image quality of a camera module is reduced when the lens is badly aligned to the sensor.  This effect increases with a higher sensor resolution.

For this reason, the high-precision alignment of optics and sensor is one of the most  important tasks when manufacturing camera modules. The need for high volumes combined with the demand for improved quality makes the ProCam®              technology to an ideal solution to meet the production challenges.

The optimization of the image quality by using our active alignment technology ProCam® leads to a decrease of production rejects i.e. camera modules with insufficient image quality. The increase in yield and image quality at the same time makes active alignment a more cost-efficient production method for high-end camera applications.

With active alignment by ProCam®, the sensor is aligned to the camera optics and vice versa with sub-micron/sub-arc min resolution, in up to six degrees of freedom. The components are focused in a single alignment step, centered, incline-adjusted and rotated to each other.

Active Alignment with ProCam® Align Smart
Live manufacturing of camera modules
The ProCam® Align Smart production process including glue dispensing, active alignment, and UV-curing is outlined and the
specifications, especially regarding the alignment process and its accuracy, are looked at in detail. Also, the possibilities to align lens to sensor board as well as sensor board to lens are explained.
Another focus is on the relevance of a functional lens and sensor board design. Aspects such as the width of the bearing surfaces, the surface texture itself and the width of the adhesive gap are of great importance for the efficiency and the quality of the alignment process and need to be addressed early in the course of a camera module alignment project.
Watch the video and become an expert in the production of camera modules with highest image quality.

Your sales engineer
Sönke Tanz
Sönke works in the sales team in our headquarters and closely collaborates with our partners in Asia. He has obtained a diploma degree in industrial engineering from the NORDAKADEMIE Universitiy of Applied Sciences in Germany and he has long experience in sales with special focus on the Asian market.

In April 2018, he joint TRIOPTICS to support our sales team in Wedel. His core products are ProCam® and ImageMaster® PRO.

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