Subject: Plan of attack (choose your own adventure)

Did you ever get into those 'choose your own adventure' books
when you were younger? 

I loved them!  Not only could you read books (yeah yeah. total
geek - bite me... haha), but you could guide where the story 
went and as you read the book a few times, you could also 
control the outcome a bit better too. 

Don't tell me I was the only one to flick ahead and redo a 
choice to get a better outcome (aka. not die... lol) 

Well, today I'm going to present you with three paths.

They are all actually pretty darn good - but.. you are going
to find the BEST level of success when you pair it up with 
YOU and your personality and what excites you in Internet 


It’s important to note that yes - you DO have 
permission to create as many of these Viral Loop 
websites as you would like, we recommend you 
begin by creating ONE and doing it well before 
you expand.

The following two options are to help you choose 
your overall Viral Loop approach. Either will work, 
so just see what fits best with you. Again … 

PLEASE NOTE … you DO NOT have to create 
multiple blogs right away… start with one first…. 
Build up from there. 

OPTION 1: Create One Major/Massive Site. 

This is the easiest option and great if you plan to only 
ever create one site.  Go big or go home as they say. 

As I mentioned earlier, I'd recommend you focus on 
building up one decent sized Viral Loop site before 
moving in to either two of the following options.

OPTION 2: Multiple Individual Sites

Research and create separate .com (or other domain) 
websites. This option is the most powerful, but also costs 
a little more as you’ll need to register a new domain for each site.

A great method to find good domains that will foster 
engagement and viral activity is to do a search in the 
Niche Reaper tool I mentioned yesterday for phrases like:

How To
Best Way To
Etc. etc. 

Another method you can use to find great domain 
names especially for Viral Loop sites is to go to and search recently dropped 
websites with ‘community’ type words in the domain 
names like:


OPTION 3: Niche Hubs

Choose a broader niche and create multiple Viral Loop 
blogs on that domain.

For example, register something like… (it’s not a real thing… just an idea), 
and then you can create either subdomains - for example,, 

OR multiple blogs in folders, so they would be , ,

Most hosts will allow you to create multiple subdomains at no extra expense.

So, there you have it.  Time to choose.  :) 

- Cindy Donovan

P.S. The good news is if you choose something now and it's
not working out for you... you can have another try later... lol, just
that starting out with a clear focus is a great way to see faster
results, so take your pick!

P.P.S. Today - choose a domain name and register it so that you
are ready for tomorrow's task. 

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