Subject: Christmas Secret Sale!

Christmas Secret Sale!

I can’t believe it’s this time of year already! If you’re new to our newsletter, we like to offer periodic Secret Sales just for our email list! We do them because we want to thank you, our regular customers, for your support throughout the year by giving you the opportunity to save some money on things you know you’ll need. The sale doesn’t cover pet food (defined only as Kibble/Dry diets, raw diets in the freezer, and freeze dried complete diets), but it does cover everything else including treats, chews, leashes and collars, cat furniture, etc! It’s a great time to stock up on things you know you’ll need like supplements, CBDs, chews to keep dogs busy over the holidays, and of course toys for Christmas! We know this time of year can be tight for many folks, so we hope this helps you out this Holiday season.
Join us Saturday Dec. 15th from 10-6 and take 15% off of any regularly priced item that isn't food! The only trick is, it's a secret!! You must tell us at the register (or just give us a wink and a nod) that you got the newsletter in order for us to give you the discount! Happy Holidays!
PDX Pet Calendar 2019!

Thank you to all of you that submitted photos for our 2019 PDX Pet Calendar! Whew! So many great photos - what a a terrible task to choose just one for this project! However, you’ll be seeing so many of those photos in newsletters, ads, social media posts, etc and a few of them will even be making it to our walls for all to see! (stay tuned). For our calendar page, meet Jasper, who’s 14 years old and has some of the prettiest whiskers in the business! We haven’t seen the final choices for the whole calendar as the awesome folks at Meat For Cats and Dogs did the big job of doing the layout and design (Thank you Terrence and Heidi!)
For those of you that don’t know, this calendar project was a labor of love and cooperation between a group of like-minded independently owned local pet supply stores. We've been friendly for some time, but recently decided to combine our marketing efforts to promote the value of supporting locally owned stores. We’ve all felt the pain of a recent influx of a certain chain  of Big Box stores that have 51 stores and counting in the Northwest! They are a legitimate threat to our survival, and we believe that the presence of amazing locally owned independent stores is what makes Portland a unique and special place to live. We also know that the quality of advice our customers receive is far better than you could ever get from a store that offers cookie-cutter training programs that barely scratch the surface of the foundations of holistic health, healing and pet behavior issues. 
As our first project, each store has a page in the calendar, and each of us has chosen a local rescue to support with the proceeds of the calendar sales. We have chosen Underdog Railroad Rescue, who does last-chance rescues of dogs whose time is up at other shelters and transports them using the efforts of volunteers to the Portland area where they are fostered and then adopted out. Calendars will be arriving in time for the sale.
Please consider picking up a Calendar - what a great gift for pet lovers! Added bonus: there are coupons for each of the stores in the calendar - please visit them all in the new year and let them know you love shopping local!
December is our Holiday Dog Food Drive!

All month we’ll be selling 15lb and 30lb bags of dog food, to be donated to The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank. We do holiday food drives a little differently than many other stores. Some stores will just encourage you to add a bag of food to your purchase to be donated, perhaps giving you a 10% discount on that food. This means they still make a profit on this donation. We don’t think that’s the best thing to do. We choose to offer one good quality but inexpensive brand of food available to purchase AT OUR COST - we don’t make a penny on it. At the end of the month we’ll make one big order for all of it to be delivered to the Pongo Fund warehouse.
The amazing news is that there is an anonymous donor that will be matching every single bag you buy with one more! WOW! 15lb bags will be sold for $20 and 30lb bags will be sold for $35 through the end of the month

November's Cat Food Drive

Thank you to everyone that purchased food for our November Cat Food Drive! Thanks to you we’re able to send 1,016 pounds of food to the Feral Cat Coalition, to be given to people who have brought feral cats in for spay and neuter surgeries and help them with expenses for supporting those cats after surgery. That's half a ton! Woo Hoo! That’s our biggest cat food drive of all time!
Meet Kristen and Lissey!

After months of searching, though we had met a lot of good candidates, we still hadn't found one with the "it factor" that we were looking for. Suddenly we've found two! First, we were so lucky that our local alliance of independent pet supply stores came through for us in a big way with a referral. Kristen had worked for a few years at The Filling Station locations in Tigard and on Alberta St before moving out to Eastern Oregon for a year. She's back in Portland and we were able to scoop her up for a full time position! She comes with a super solid knowledge base and a sunny disposition. Fun facts - she's a creative writer and poet, and has a diverse resume filled mainly with jobs and volunteer efforts to support and teach children.
Lissey responded to our ad for a part time person, and when we met this dynamic supermom (4 boys, two of them twins!) we knew it was a great match. She works for a doggy daycare downtown, but has nearly a lifetime of experience with the value of species appropriate nutrition from living and working on farms. Early on she started working with a vet who showed her the power of nutrition to help overcome chronic illness, getting horses, chickens, etc off of processed food diets and onto species appropriate foods. She's done it with her pets as well and can't wait to learn more about how we bring this message to our customers.
We can't wait for you to meet these lovely women!
Santa Paws!

Thanks to everyone that came out for Santa Paws photos this year! We also want to give special thanks to a member of our local pet supply coalition, Nancy Fedelem (owner of Salty’s Pet Supply, Fang Pet and Garden Supply, and 3 Paws Neighborhood Pet Supply) and her husband Matt for being our rock star photographers and saving the day for us. We couldn’t have had a Santa Paws photo event with out photographers! #cooperationnotcompetition! We also got lucky and found a great Santa! A referral from a regular customer came in the "Nick" of time for her dog loving friend who happened to be a perfect Santa with experience and a Santa suit!! He was willing to donate his time to help raise funds for The Pongo Fund, for which we were so very grateful. 3 extra big cheers for Nancy and Matt who donated their photographer's fee entirely to the Pongo Fund!
Fun was had by all and thanks to all of the people who turned out on a chilly night, we raised a total of $710 for the Pongo Fund Emergency Medical Fund! The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank has an amazing mobile veterinary vehicle made possible by donors and staffed by volunteer veterinarians that can perform nearly any needed procedure, from a lot of routine spay and neuter surgeries to literally saving lives for pet owners that could not possibly afford to get the care they need for their pets. Look for a link to photos later today on Facebook and Instagram. We'll also be emailing you each individually for those that don't use social media.
These Cold Days Call For A Cozy New Bed!

A new bed is a great way to use a sale discount! We have some great new beds in the store. Luca brand beds come in several forms - The Cuddlers (top right) are shaped more like a crate pad, but  have fabulous thick orthopedic pads, overstuffed bolsters, water and dirt resistant base, and can be taken apart so you can just wash the cover. Their nest beds (bottom right) are cushy with pads designed to keep stuffing in its place, and the covers are easily washed. We also brought in their amazing orthopedic lounge bed (top left), a luxurious plush upholstery grade bed for dogs who love to lean on bolsters, and/or prop their heads up.  We love the big thick orthopedic high density center pillow that gives superior support.  Like all of their beds, they’re 100% washable, stuffed with recycled soda bottle fleece, and made in the USA.
We also just got an order today of beautiful Pendelton patterned beds! Machine washable fabrics and zippered removable covers makes them easy to care for. Filled with 100% polyester Memory Fiber® made from recycled soda bottles. Unique channel chambered liners eliminates fiber from shifting and maintains the plush loft that elevates pets off cold floors to keep them happy and healthy.

Don't forget the Kitties!

We have SUPER cute Christmas toys that make great stocking stuffers for cat lovers, but I especially want to tell some of the new kitten owners out there about two of the best cat things we've ever found. The Ripple Rug is almost a must for youngsters, but all cats seem to gravitate towards it. It's 2 pieces of carpet made of recycled non toxic soda bottles - one piece is rubber coated and stiffer on the bottom, and one is softer, full of holes and backed with pieces of velcro so you can change the shape of the hills and valleys. They can hide inside and dive through holes to chase toys or find treats inside. They also love sleeping in the nooks. It helps them entertain themselves and also gives you a great playground to use when playing with a wand toy. You can easily fold it up and put it away when people come over.
The Kitty Block
seems too simple to be worth it on first glance, but we've never met such a versatile, solid piece of cat furniture. It's a scratcher both inside and out. It stacks and is super sturdy for rough play (Mike can stand on the edge of one and it doesn't tip). We keep old ones that have been scratched out in the basement and we pull them out to make play tunnels or just stack them in new ways and suddenly we have a novel piece of cat furniture. Bored with it? Rearrange them! Of course they can be recycled when you're done with them, but it will take a long time to destroy it, in our experience. They're so helpful for any older small to medium sized animals as a sturdy wide step to help get up and down onto beds or couches, and they're less expensive and more stable than any other pet steps we've found. Cats love to sleep inside them (that's our Otis above, who loves his Kitty Blocks). I can just about guarantee that your cats will love it too!!! Get one while they're on sale!
Cuddly Bears For a Cause!

These adorable 12" bears wearing winter scarves are from Fluff and Tuff, one of our favorite toy companies. No soft toy is invincible, but they do seem to stand up so much better than other stuffed toys. They also seem to win the hearts of more dogs than any other toys we've found. They are absolutely cute and safe enough to be loved by the little humans in your life as well!
100% of Fluff and Tuff's profits from this toy will be donated to dogs in need through the Fluff & Tuff Foundation.

Orbee Christmas Tree!

Orbee material is a lot tougher than it looks, has a great bounce, and this one smells like evergreens! Made in the USA from nontoxic materials, these toys also come with a one time chew guarantee! It doesn't mean it's invincible, but it does mean it's worth a try. We save up any pieces we get back and mail them in to be melted down into new toys.
Cutest Cookies!

These are exactly the kind of product we love to carry. Locally Made by a super nice lady, with Organic ingredients, colored only with Healthy Foods (the red is beets, the green is spirulina, the orange is carrot powder, yellow is turmeric, black is activated charcoal, and the blue is from a kind of flower she steeps to extract it's delicate color). They're wheat free peanut butter in 3 sizes and they're Adorable.
Best Stocking Stuffer!

No one likes to carry full poop bags. Also, no one else wants you to leave your full poop bags in their yards, planters, or on sidewalks. This handy dandy rubber doohicky is the perfect answer to both problems! You can easily stuff several full bags through the rubber holder and they'll ride along until you reach a trash can. So many dog lovers just don't know this exists and would love to have it!
Neighborhood News!

Tacovore will be open Jan 14th. More here

Thanks to the Beaumont Business Association newsletter for these following neighborhood nuggets:

Thrive Closes, Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe opens: With 2 former food carts in Seattle and Vancouver, WA, twin sisters Amanda Lewis and Jessica Rachon became masters of the classic-twist, soft pretzel and pretzel sandwich. (link) Their new brick and mortar will be a wholesale bakery plus a cafe showcasing Eastern European comfort food like soups, stews and dumplings. Look for them late January. (Pretty exciting in my opinion).

Prince Coffee: Owner Katie Prinsen has partnered with Ruse Brewing on Stroopwafel Imperial Stout, which as you can guess, is brewed with her secret stroopwafel sauce. Pick up a can while they last. Also on the fun list: Come cup every Friday at Noon. You’ll enjoy free coffee tastings with top local purveyors.

Honest Training: Owner/trainer Paisley Meekin has rebooted the Honest Run Club. Run Club meet-ups are free and open to everyone (not just Honest members), and are dog-friendly. Weekend runs are typically 3 miles and runners of all levels are welcome.

Wild Hearts Wellness: Take a class, or enjoy a treatment with Acupuncturist Maura Dawgert, and proceeds will benefit the Community Transitional School in Cully, a nonprofit entirely dedicated to the needs of children whose families struggle with homelessness. Take care of yourself and pay it forward. Also offering 10% off wellness packages.

Love Hive Yoga will be opening Sat Dec 15th at 4529 NE Fremont St and celebrating by offering $30 for 30 days unlimited yoga.

These two cute photos came from a photo session by 5th grader Clara Gordon. Excellent work!

Thank You All For Your Amazing Support Throughout The Year!

Happy Holidays!
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