Subject: Great Reasons to Detox This Year

Warm greetings from Kamalaya and welcome to our first newsletter of 2019!

The arrival of the New Year often brings a much-needed boost to our energy, willpower and mental clarity. One of the most rewarding ways to channel this feeling of renewed vitality and ’new beginnings' is to improve our health and wellbeing. January is a popular month of the year to embark on creating new habits and a detoxification program is a time to metaphorically ‘wipe the slate clean’ and restart our focus for the year. A properly managed detox program supports our body’s innate ability to detoxify and cleanse itself by safely neutralizing and eliminating harmful chemicals from within.

Why Detox?
Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of toxins, both from the environment around us and as a natural byproduct of our own digestive and metabolic processes. Over time, if the quantity of toxins produced and absorbed by the body exceeds the level that can be efficiently and safely eliminated, the body enters a state of chronic congestion and toxicity that compromises health.

The Energising Health Benefits of Detoxification
Following a gentle detoxification program at regular points throughout the year helps the body to cleanse, reset and recharge. Detoxification boosts immunity, supports digestive health, improves metabolism and organ function, reduces inflammation and helps balance the body’s hormone levels. In addition, it promotes a clear and peaceful mental state and emotional balance. With so many positive health benefits, regular detoxification is one of the key resolutions everyone should consider as part of their foundational health care.

- Karina Stewart
Co-founder of Kamalaya Koh Samui, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Why is Detox Beneficial for Health?

This video answers some of the most common questions about detoxification, such as: what are the health benefits? How often should we do it? And what is Kamalaya’s approach to detox?

Tips to Support Detox at Home

There are many ways we can nurture and support our body's own natural process of detoxification. Here are some simple tips you can practice at home.

Detox Wellness Programs

With its team of expert multi-disciplinary practitioners and extensive wellness menu of complementary holistic therapies, Kamalaya offers one of the most comprehensive and well-researched range of detox programs available. Our gentle, results-orientated approach is supported by delicious healthy cuisine and restores vibrant health without the need for fasting.

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