Subject: Giving Thanks at Wilbur Hot Springs

November Newsletter

How We Found Ourselves at Wilbur Hot Springs

The title to this short story can be interpreted in two different aspects: in one way, it could mean “how did we actually settle upon Wilbur Hot Springs as our new home?”, and in another light, it can mean “how we reconnected with our inner selves here at Wilbur Hot Springs?” Both questions are viable to consider, and both questions contain the answer as to why my wife and I are here as the new General Managers of this wonderful lodge and resort!


Guided Meditation with Anyes
November 2-3

Join Anyes in a deep Guided Meditation to unveil the source of spontaneity, curiosity and a big yes to the unknown. Taking risks doesn’t need to mean extreme sports, and there are many creative ways we can spice the day with a little unknown. But only you know how...

Tibetan Cranial 5 day with Robert Helliesen
November 17-22

Are you ready for transformation? Come to Wilbur Hot Springs, a Sanctuary for the Self, and experience Tibetan Cranial® with Robert Helliesen. Robert is a trained Tibetan Cranial® Practitioner and will be educating and practicing exclusively at Wilbur Hot Springs this November.

Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Marion
Thanksgiving - November 27-29

Marion grew up in Germany in a house full of cooks and began her training in her parents’ restaurant. Once of age, she studied classical culinary arts in Germany, where she apprenticed in fine French cuisine for three years and cooked in several fine dining restaurants and a health clinic. In 1997 she moved to Big Sur, where she co-created a farm and homestead, raised goats, chickens, and bees and managed an extensive garden.

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“Absolutely lovely place. The cabins are clean and modern. We walked from the cabin to the geyser, about 1/4-1/2 mile. The geyser water is hot, and just so lovely to watch. I believe the geyser spouts at certain times of the day like clock work. This natural geyser water goes directly from the geyser to the flumes, 100% authentic sulfur geothermal water! The nature preserve was nice walk and easy hike in the morning. If you go the opposite of the nature preserve, the river, outdoor patio and Wilbur Springs Road Bridge 1910 is a nice short walk. There were birds and rabbits amidst the frozen scape. If you walk through the bath area, there is outdoor seating past the sauna, keep going away from the main building, and go up, there is a nice view of the bath area, if you go up some more, there is a yoga studio. The library in the main building was a nice cozy spot to relax and read a book. There is a fire stove/place there to keep warm. All in all, Wilbur hot spring resort gave us respite from daily city life and social media (since there's no reception there) and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.”

 -- Audrey A. on Tripadvisor

Wilbur is looking for more weekday massage therapists. Share your talent.


Psychedelics & Music: A Conversation and Sound Bath
Hosted by Congregation Emanu-El featuring Dr Richard L Miller & Rabbi Syd Mintz

Join Dr. Richard Miller for an intriguing conversation about how psychedelics are supporting the dying process, followed by a multi-dimensional sound bath immersion that will transport you beyond space and time.

Saturday, November 02
2 Lake Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Wilbur Hot Springs, 3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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