Subject: Climactic change has never been so pressing, but will you heed the call?

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Greetings Fellow Travellers,

Welcome to 2020. Astrologically, this climactic year kicks off with one of the most intense few days in history. As the Cancer Moon glows toward the full height of her synodic glory, the earth will attempt to obscure what is an ultra-rare multiple conjunction forming behind the Sun.

I say "attempt to obscure" because, after all, this is merely penumbral Lunar eclipse - meaning that only the earth's penumbra (the lighter, outer part of its shadow) will touch the Moon. To the naked eye, this eclipse, at its height, will only look like just like another Full Moon.
The Moon, ruler of our less-conscious instinctive processes thrives in her watery domain of Cancer. The Full Moon just enhances our innate, extrasensory abilities, instinctively informing us about who we're actually dealing with. Those who are most emotional can feel everything. They sense that there's something going on out there, something big.

Though nothing can obscure the moon's instinctive glare upon us here, there is a great sense of trepidation, worry and even horror at how to react.

Opposite, the authoritative, decision-making Sun is currently conspiring at the Capricorn South Node end with the likes of Mercury (communications), Ceres (grief, loss, abduction), Saturn (control) and Pluto (annihilation and rebirth). Capricorn is earthy, cardinal - concerned with credit & credibility, status & statistics, hierarchy and importance, respect and patronage. What does he care about feelings? The Sun's superior conjunction to Mercury means he'll tell you what must be done to show up to get things done. But the instinctive Moon is opposite. She clings to her habits, habitats and securities. Unconsciously, we are trying to maintain emotional bonds and a sense of community from those closest to us. Opposite the Capricorn stellium, there is an incredible fear that we may have to change some of these 'habits'.

The harsh, earth-crushing Saturn/Pluto conjunction is only days away. Many of us get the sense that there's a bigger, more monumentally final process about to take place. An exact semi-square from another malefic planet, Mars, aggravates the situation. Out there, a square from Eris, agitates things even more.
If we can all feel something, it is that this is it now. Through a series of 'unfortunate' events, each made worse by those adorably bumbling nincompoops at the helm of the 'operation' we are part of, is starting to indicate an extraordinarily terminal effect on how our societies have been governed and the abuse of power that has this entire planet on the brink of some colossal collapse. To those who are adequately awake, it is clear that structures are collapsing. We are coming to the end of a great age, and a new one is about to come in.

Each pressing event that is affecting our lives - our health, family, relationships and careers - displays more evidence that we are ourselves complicit into a chain of humanitarian disasters. As long as we leave the management of our exterior world to the ineptitude and recklessness of others, we leave ourselves open to betrayal, abandonment, socio-economic and environmental catastrophes.

From this, we cannot hide. Nor can we deny that our exterior world is changing. We are forced to stand and take responsibility, make sweeping changes to our domestic habits (and habitats) or unfortunately face the karmic effects of our complicity and complacency for failing to act against the mania and toxicity.

These latest eclipses have rocked our world because they are here to push us over the edge until something real happens. Something big must change. We cannot allow things to go on this way and expect any improvement. Change must come from each and every one of us.

Those who have planets, the Sun, Moon or important points in their chart at 18-24˚ - especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn must step forward and do something huge, lead the way. The rest of us who are not directly affected may have to follow suit.

I have taken meticulous care to spell out exactly what vices we must leave behind and which path to look toward taking if we are going to make this epic evolutionary shift. Please log in and read your special messages, take some time to meditate on what is critical and how to meet the challenges.
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