Subject: Take time to pause this festive season

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Letter from Karina Stewart

Seasonal Balance

This time of year brings much that is festive, contemplative and can often be incredibly rewarding for reflection and inspiration. For many of us, it provides a wonderful opportunity to look back at the numerous positive things that have occurred in our lives over the past twelve months, to spend quality time with family or loved ones and to nurture positive feelings of curiosity and enthusiasm for what the New Year might bring.

It is also a time to maintain a connection to ourselves, to regularly ‘check-in’ and make sure we are nurturing ourselves emotionally and psychologically, and not only physically to support our wellbeing. The enormous amount of consumer advertising and other media messages at this time of year can artificially increase the level of expectation that we place on ourselves, so it is a time to remain grounded in all that is beautiful and meaningful in our lives without needing to ‘do more’ to enjoy and appreciate all that we have already created in our lives.

If you feel this might be happening to you, try taking a deep breath and focus on the personal values that you and those closest to you subscribe to. Replay the positive things that have had a positive impact on you over the past 12 months. Include the challenges and losses you may have overcome, as well as the life-enhancing goals you have planned for the future. This simple mindfulness exercise can quickly bring things back into perspective and leave you better placed to fully embrace the possibilities and spirit of the festive season! Remembering you, our guests and friends all over the world, with immense gratitude and appreciation for your unique presence in our lives here in Kamalaya. Thank you and may this season bring you blessings of joy and health, peace and prosperity.

From Kamalaya, With Love

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