Subject: This can be a most vague, most ambivalent time. If more information only makes us more uncertain, then how can we have faith in anything at all?

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December 11, 2019
Greetings Fellow Travellers,

In the final Full Moon of the decade, we look back at the twenty-teens with a head-scratching wonder. No other decade we have known has progressed our understanding as much. Arguably, the induction of social media has transformed not just the way we think, but deranged the common pathways of all communication. We now stand at the summit of a decade where the dissemination of news, information, media and nearly all forms of communication has changed our lives in ways which we have still barely begun to understand and presented problems with which we have hardly started to grapple.

This can be a most vague, most ambivalent time. But is it any different to any previous age? Is the world a scarier, more uncertain place to live in or are we merely more informed about the darkness that surrounds us? Are we more or less assured as to our fate today than we were, say 10 years ago?

Your head is telling you to stay positive, to move onward and upwards while your heart's not quite so optimistic, almost harping on the fact that things are just not adding up. You're feeling nervous and confused. You seek to know what's coming, but it feels more like you're mourning a foreboding death, or nursing symptoms of some yet unknown disease, and deep within there's a presentiment that your life is about to be thrust into a series of wildly unpredictable events. And then you realise that you must get up and out of bed, and try to function like it's just another day...

But it's not just another day. It's Full Moon time when certain personal matters seem to come to a head: a time of ripe fruition, of culmination, completion, when serious decisions, even endings must be called.

Like all creatures, we live by cycles of growth and decay when we must effectuate matters and accept they've reached their high tide moment. Here, we must either yield the rewards for our effort or otherwise become divested... put to rest.

This Full Moon is such a time... [click link to continue...]
We are transforming, inside and out and to those who are aware of this global metamorphosis, it can feel like a frightful process…
  • Jupiter, now in Capricorn signifies that ‘real’ things must become ‘realised’ while the bogus and fraudulent be brought to justice. But whilst we see the symptoms everywhere, we do not see the causes. Examination, scrutiny and trial of our systems eventually reveals that it’s not out Presidents/leaders and referendums that are to blame for our collective derangement. We will learn much about the structure.

  • Jupiter’s square to maverick Chiron (Monday) scoffs and shames the outsider, adding more harm to Chiron’s injury. Here we begin to see that it’s the academic, judiciary and wealth-making systems themselves which harm and create further wounding to individuals, just to profit and fuel their own importance.

  • The Gemini Full Moon (Dec 12) with squares to Neptune and quincunx to Saturn/Pluto promises a week of ultimate mayhem and madness, as our desire for true expression is not supported by the facts. We are left confused about what to make of the current narratives. It is time we began to confront the true causes of what is going wrong. (sign up to our Newsletter – see below – to get the full scoop on this during the week)

  • Venus tries to nestle herself between Saturn/Pluto‘s increasingly irrational, agitated, herd-like and simply disagreeable society. Another cold, foreboding 12 months of estrangement and alienation for those who aren’t prepared to do the hard work in relationship. True alchemy for those who can withstand the pressures of facing up to their responsibilities.

  • Jupiter’s trine to Uranus (Sunday) suggests a massive attitude shift – a turn of fortune for those praying to the heavens for some relief, release or liberation. Though this may come, it is uncertain how long it can be sustained.

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