Re-think-health Survey

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this survey! This will help me (daniel) as I make plans going forward to better serve you and this community! All responses are completely confidential.

1What have you enjoyed the most on re-think-health? And what have you enjoyed the least? 

2Have you implemented something that you have learned from re-think-health in your lifestyle? Is so, give an example. 

3Pertaining to nutrition, food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle... What are some topics you would like talked about? Or what questions would you like answered? 

4What would you benefit most from in the future at re-think-health? ( you can choose more than one answer) 

5How can re-think-health better serve you and your family when it comes to nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle? 

6Do you find that re-think-health pushes content on you to much? - Select all areas below that apply. 

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