Clarity Survey

Hey, Positive Woman! Let's get together for some fun and eye-opening clarity and confidence workshops. Are you in? This survey will help me to know exactly what you want and need. I'll keep your answers private.

1Your current age:* 

2What is your #1 PRIORITY every single day?* 

3Do you say and do things primarily to HAVE or AVOID something?* 

4Do you exercise? How often? What exercise do you like best?* 

5What THREE emotions do you feel most often?* 

6What is your BIGGEST cause of stress or anxiety?* 

7How do you WANT to feel every day?* 

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Examples might be: be happy, keep my kids safe, get through the day, make it to the weekend.


Think about this one! We often think we are doing something for the opposite reason we actually are.


List positive and/or negative feelings.