You're only ten quick questions away from being in with a chance of winning a Ickle Bubba Global Stroller!



3Do you buy parenting magazines? If so, which ones? 

4Where do you buy parenting magazines from? 

5If you don't buy parenting magazines now, why not? What would make you do so? 

6If you were to pick one up a parenting magazine, what is it that would make you do so? 

7If you do buy or were to buy parenting magazines, what kind of content would you like to see in them? 

8Where do you go for parenting advice and support? 

9Do you follow any parenting blogs or parenting/family accounts on social media? If so, which ones? Why do you like them? 

10What subjects would you like to see covered or talked about more in relation to parenting and becoming a parent? 

11If you could spend 5 minutes looking at Absolutely Mama ( & letting us know what you think, we'd be very grateful. All comments are welcome! 

12Any other thoughts... 

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