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To learn how we can help you best and how to invest in your business, please give us a bit of information. In case you don´t know some answers, just type in" I don´t know". We´ll analyze it and get back to you ASAP. Thanks very much!

1Please give us the link to your website* 

2How much traffic is your website getting each month?* 

3How many people, coming from your website, are actually contacting you (calling, sending an email etc.)?* 

4How many of those who are contacting you become later clients/customers?* 

5What are the most reasons why they choose you and not your competitors?* 

6What are the most frequent objections from those who do not become your customers/clients?* 

7How are you getting clients (for example referrals, Groupon, emailing, Google, Adwords, Facebook ads, sponsoring etc.)?* 

8How much are you paying or "sacrificing" to get a new customer/client?* 

9Are you willing to offer Coupons or Discounts to get new customers/clients?* 

10What is the average annual PROFIT from a new client/customer (how much profit are you making annually)?* 

11How many years is a client on average staying with you?* 

12If you have referral or joint venture relationships that are sending you clients: What are the referral / joint venture relationships that you´d like to have more of?* 

13What´s holding you back from developing more of those referral sources / joint ventures, lack of time, lack of money, lack of knowledge or something else?* 

14How much TIME (per week) could you and your team invest in your marketing?* 

15How much money (per month) could you make available to invest in your marketing (approximately)* 

16Thank you very much! Please tell ue your name and email to get in touch with you and send you some training material that´ll help you get more clients!* 

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We´ll need that info to see if we can do better and offer a better "deal" compared to what you do


We´d need to know these numbers to see if buying traffic for you would make sense.