Virtual Fitness Session Questionnaire

The coaches advice will be based on the answer you give in this questionnaire. Try to be as accurate as you can with your answers so we can give you the best advice possible of how you can achieve your fitness goals.

1Answer the following questions the best you can.* 

2City and state you currently live in. If you live outside the US, also include the country.* 

3What is your main fitness goal or goals?* 

4How do you feel about exercising?* 

5How strong is your desire to achieve your #1 fitness goal?* 

6How Certain are you that you will achieve your #1 fitness goal?* 

7How many times per day do you put food in your mouth on average?* 

8How many times do you stop and think if you are hungry before you eat?* 

9How do you tell when you are hungry?* 

10How fast do you normally eat most of your meals and snacks?* 

11What indicator do you use to tell that you had enough to eat?* 

12On average, how often do you eat junk food, like cakes, candy, chips etc.?* 

13On average, how many servings of fruits and vegetables you eat per day?* 

14On average, how often you eat some form of meat?* 

15Do you currently do any form of Strength training?* 

16Do you currently do any form of Aerobic Training or Activity?* 

17If you used to exercise, why did you stop? 

18How physically active are you at work?* 

19Do you believe that some people were meant to be overweight and you might be one of them?* 

20Do you believe that you must do at least 20 minutes of an aerobic activity and break a sweat in order to get benefits from your aerobic workouts?* 

21Do you believe that you must do at least 3 sets per exercise in order to get full benefits?* 

22Do you believe that soreness the next day and feeling the burn are good indicators that your workouts are effective?* 

23Do you believe that eating 4 to 6 meals or snacks per day is the best way to eat?* 

24Do you believe that you should never eat passed 8pm and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day?* 

25Do you believe that you should have some kind of protein like, fish, meat, poultry, dairy etc., everyday?* 

26Do you believe that eating breakfast is very important for weight loss and health?* 

27Do you believe skipping meals and letting your body go hungry, will slowdown your metabolic rate and is bad for your health and weight?* 

28List all the exercise equipment you have at your house and if you have a gym membership:* 

29What are possible obstacles that you think might get in your way of achieve your fitness goals?* 

30If there is anything else you would like Stavros to know about you, like any medical issue that you might what him to know about or other issues, please write it below:* 

* This field is required.


If you have more than one goal, let me know which is the most important one.


Be honest!


Include very small snacks


(Junk food is food that provides no or very little nutritional value. Pizza is NOT Junk food)


servings of fruit is the size of an apple, a serving of vegetables is the size of your fist


(meat includes poultry, cold cuts but not seafood)


Including walking or walking your dog


There is no right or wrong answer, all we want to know is WHAT YOU BELIEVE!