ValleyCats Fan Feedback Survey

The Tri-City ValleyCats value the input from their fans in order to create the best possible experience at "The Joe" on a nightly basis. By completing the survey, you will be automatically into our PRIZE DRAWINGS!





5Children under the age of 18 that live in your household 

6How many home games have you attended/ do you plan on attending this season? 

7Where do you typically hear about ValleyCats game? 

8How do you purchase the majority of your tickets? 

9How was your overall ticket purchasing experience? (Including ticket price, ease or difficulty of the purchasing process, courtesy of the box office and front gate staff) 

10How would you rate the parking experience? (Including the cost, ease of the process, parking attendants, and availability of parking spots) 

11Did you visit any concession stands or food/beverage kiosks while you were at the ballpark? If so, please rate your overall concession experience (Food quality, selection, wait, price, courtesy) 

12How would you rate the entertainment experience? (Pregame events, giveaways, promotions, in-game contest, etc.) 

13To what extent has your experience met your expectations? 

14How likely are you to recommend attending a game to a family, friend or co-worker? 

15How likely are you to attend another game? 

16How would you rate your overall experience at "The Joe?" 

17Please let us know of any additional comments or concerns below: 

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Mark all that apply


10 - Excellent, 1- Poor


10 - Excellent, 1- Poor


10 - Excellent, 1- Poor


10 - Excellent, 1- Poor


10 - Exceeded expectations, 1- Did not meet expectations at all


10 - Very likely, 1 - Very unlikely


10 - Very likely, 1 - Very unlikely


10 - Excellent, 1 - Poor