Financial Survey - Understanding the Financial Situation of Family

Survey - Understanding the Financial Situation of Family

1Do you love your family?* 

2Do you carry any significant financial responsibilities with growing children or aging parents?* 

3Are you concerned about the future of your job or career?* 

4Do you think there is a large number of people in our country who struggle financially and need help to improve their financial situation?* 

5Are you concerned about lack of savings or investments for your retirement or kid's college education?* 

6Are you concerned about too many bills or debts to pay?* 

7Are you suffering from financial losses as a result of the recent economic downturn?* 

8Are you concerned about not having enough protection in case of disability, long term illness or even death?* 

9What is your ideal amount of money you would need to retire?* 

10What is your ideal retirement age?* 

11Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial future?* 

12Are you interested in making more money and increasing your cash flow?* 

13Do you want to explore a new business career in the fast growing financial industry?* 

14Do you want to know the result of this survey?* 

15Send me the results* 

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