Help Us Make Crescent Oaks Better

Help us make Crescent Oaks as good as it can be by telling us about your golf game.

1What is your main reason for playing golf? 

2What is the most challenging part of golf for you? 

3When do you play golf? 

4What time do you prefer to play? 

5What is the main reason you don't play more golf? 

6What incentives would get you to play more golf? 

7Is Crescent Oaks... 

8How far are you willing to drive to play a good golf course? 

9What are your biggest pet peeves about golf? 

10In the summer do you play... 

11What's the most important reason you choose a golf course? 

12How many rounds do you play per month? 

13What incentives get you to play golf? 

14How important is improving your golf skills? 

15How often do you practice? 

16When you practice what do you do? 

17How important is the quality of the practice facility? 

18Do you use a yardage GPS or range finder on the course? 

19Do you know how far you hit each club? 

20What is your handicap? 

21Are you interested in playing in a league? 

22Are you interested in playing in tournaments? 

23What activities/services would you like to see added at Crescent Oaks? 

24What comments or suggestions do you have for Crescent Oaks Golf Club? 

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