City Cosmetics Survey

Please answer the following questions for a special surprise at the end!

1What age bracket do you fall into?* 

2Do you have a problem with dark spots on your face or body?* 

3On a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) how important is it for you to have bright, glowing, spot-free skin?* 

4Have you ever tried a dark spot corrector before?* 

5If you answered yes, what prompted you to buy one?* 

6If you answered "no," what stopped you?* 

7What do you look for the most in a dark spot corrector?* 

8What would you use a dark spot corrector for? (check all that apply)* 

9What is your skin tone?* 

10What's your skin type?* 

11How much would you be willing to spend on a quality dark spot corrector?* 

12How interested would you be in a dark spot corrector that will leave you with a clear, even complexion AND reduce your body's production of pigment, preventing new spots from occurring in the future?* 

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