Subject: Crowd Search Me Review ~ Get 2,000 Bonus Credits in Crowd Search

Crowd Search Me Review ~ The Future of SEO Is Crowd Search Optimization
  • What is Crowd Search? 
  • How does Crowd Search platform work?
  • How can you use it to dramatically improve your rankings?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there any alternatives to
We'll answer to these and other questions in this Crowd Search Review. We have been using similar platforms and software and you'll be surprised of the final verdict!

*We will also show you how you can get DOUBLE credits for same price!
What is Crowd Search?

CrowdSearch is a web-based system where you enter your URL and Keywords, after which an army (~ 200,000) of users will organically search for your website, click on the links and stay on your site. The resulting effect is a drastic rise in SERPs. The results are not a fluke, they are proven and working as you will see in the screenshots below.

How Does Crowd Search Platform Work?

This is a fairly simple and user-friendly system. You dont need to install anything or use any scripts or know coding and have other tech skills. 
It's as simple as: inserting keyword/url - choosing number of searches - assigning credits - done!

Crowd Search's proprietary algorithm:
  • optimizes bounce rates and CTR
  • is Google's ZOO friendly
  • is 100% automated
  • is push-button simple
  • gives you access to about 200,000 people
NOTE: Crowd Search is based on credits. 1 Credit = 1 Search & 1 Minute of Site Browsing = 1 Credit.

So if you need 100 searches each at 2 minutes - that is 300 credits. If this seems a lot, dont worry. 

Click the button below and learn how to get up to 5000 BONUS CREDITS on Crowd Search.
How Much Does it Cost?

Crowd Search Me is a monthly payment plan and you can cancel at anytime. The prices per credit start at $0.012 all the way down to $0.006/credit.

In other words, if we take my example above (300 credits): 
300 credits @ 0.012 = $3.60 or the beast value
300 credits @ 0.006 = $1.80 get 100 visitors that stay 2 minutes on your website for LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS!!! 

Can you beat that price?? Can you?? You can't, that's why i hope you'll take advantage of this 3 DAYS LAUNCH to secure you a spot!

Crowd Search Features

  • SmartRank Technology - Finds out your rankings in Google and determines how many searches and browsing time you need in order to advance in rankings.
  • Improves Search Rankings - Google places authority on sites that are searched for and clicked for specific keywords.
  • Powered by Real People - these are not BOTS or Proxies, not even HMA IPs :):):). These are are real people like you and me. They search and click to your website. There is nothing more natural than this!!
  • No Bounces - Google pays attention to how long or short the visitors stay on your website. 
  • 100% Google Safe - NO fear of updates. Natural search process. 
Here is just 1 screenshot of how CrowdSearch boosted rankings. Click the link below to see more HD screens and testimonials from beta users.
Crowd Search Me Bonus

So, i've decided to give away 500 credits to any person that purchases ONE of the following packages: 5500 Credits, 10000 Credits.

Get 2000 FREE credits if you buy the 25000 Credits package.

All you have to do is forward your transaction ID to and i will hook you up with your credits. If you need more info, send an email to the address above!

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